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After School Program Enrollment

Days required for after school program

Simply Fun Pickup service
Do you require Simply Fun’s pick up service and give permission for Simply Fun staff to pick up your child from the specified school in order to participate in classes? (Only for selected schools above)

Parent Release Form for Photography and Videography
I, the undersigned, give permission for Simply Fun to use video footage and/or photographs of my child/ward. This usage may include (but is not exclusive to) displaying publicly, distributing, or publishing, photographs, and/or video of my child for use in materials that include, but may not be limited to:

- printed materials (eg - brochures and newsletters)
- online and offline advertising and promotion
- videos and digital images for use on Social Media.

By signing this form, I acknowledge that I am giving unrestricted permission for my child’s image to be used in print, video, and digital media. I agree that these images may be used by Simply Fun for a variety of purposes and that these images may be used without further notification. I do understand that any identifying information including surname and location will not be used in conjunction with any video or digital images.

Conditions of Enrolment
01. The student is enrolling until the end of the current term.
02. Simply Fun is divided into four terms (term duration may differ).
03. Fees are charged each term (not each week) and are due prior to the commencement of the term.
04. Prior to each term, Simply Fun will issue an invoice for all applicable fees and GST.
05. Fees are due and payable within 7 days of the term commencing.
06. Simply Fun reserves the right to refuse admission to any students whose fees remain unpaid after 7 days of the term commencing.
07. If you chose to pay by cheque, please note that if there are insufficient funds in the account, you will be charged a dishonor fee.
08. Simply Fun has a no refund policy for missed classes - only two make up lessons are permitted per term.
09. The student is permitted to withdraw from any class during the year providing written notice of withdrawal is received by Simply Fun at the end of the term. Simply Fun will continue to invoice you for each term until you have informed us of your withdrawal.
10. Please note as dance is a physical activity, a degree of physical contact between teacher and student may be required for either demonstration or correction.
11. At Simply Fun all our classes involve strenuous activity from which injuries could arise. Simply Fun and the instructors are NOT LIABLE for personal injuries, loss of, or damage to personal property.
12. Please inform the instructor of any physical limitations you may have. Health Information and Medical Release/Waiver

I acknowledge that participation in class can potentially be dangerous and there is an inherent risk of injury involved.

In allowing my child to participate in Simply Fun activities, I hereby assume all the risks associated with the classes. I understand the importance of myself and my child following the instructions and rules set by their instructor/s, and I agree to release Simply Fun and it’s employees of any and all liability which may arise as a result of my child’s participation in activities at Simply Fun.

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