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Kids Drama

4.5 – 10 Years-old

Our drama classes offer kids the chance to imagine and create with like-minded children. They will learn the basics of vocal techniques, facial expressions and body movements whilst gaining confidence and presentation skills via fun and engaging activities.  The young brains have so much to explore in this world; we will support their learning and encourage their curiosity.  We may find ourselves on safari, in space or at the circus.  So come along for an adventure.


Kids Drama

This class focuses on teaching children to effectively express themselves in a confident and clear manner whilst also introducing a variety of critical dramatic techniques that stretch their creative abilities.

Drama classes run for 45 minutes and begin with basic introductions followed by a series of stretches that encourage bodily awareness. The children will then be taken through a series of exercises that develop their dramatic skills, vocal work, speech abilities and impromptu speaking. The lesson will conclude with the learning of new lines and rehearsal of previously learned lines from the play they are learning that term.

         4pm Monday (1 Spot left)

         4:45pm Tuesday (Full)

         4:45pm Thursday 

         4:45pm Friday

         4:30pm Saturday